Weekly News Digest


Surveillance video shows missing man at SLC convenience store


September 2, 2014

Haldren Efren, a 20 year old from Micronesia, was reported missing on Sunday after arguing with his girlfriend at the Rockport State Park campsite and storming off. A Utah Department of Public Safety Helicopter and 20 workers from the Summit county search and rescue helped look for the man on Sunday. A convenience store near 150 South and 1300 West in Salt lake caught the man on surveillance video taken on Tuesday 3 hours after he went missing. It was also said he was seen heading to Evanston, Wyoming. He hasn’t come forward at all and they assume he doesn’t want to be found.


NYPD officers to begin wearing body cameras as part of settlement


September 4, 2014

Due to the recent death of Eric Garner during an arrest by New York city police officers, police commissioner William Bratton announced a pilot program on Thursday which requires 60 NYPD officers to wear body cameras on duty. Last year, a federal judge put a stop to their crime-stopping tactics saying they “unfairly targeted black men and did little to reduce crime.” While the body cameras are being implemented to keep the city of New York “safe and protected” many have concerns about mission privacy because the New York Police Department supposedly has a long history of watching and recording innocent NewYorkers.


‘Swatting’ prank caller victimizes Bluffdale homeowner


September 1, 2014

A man’s wife in Bluffdale was playing video games on a website called “Twitch” when out of nowhere someone started posting her personal information in the chat box. She deleted the comments and logged off only to see that the streamer had posted on twitter that the SWAT team would soon be at their home. The prank caller used Skype to contact the Saratoga Springs dispatch center at 9:30pm saying he had shot and killed his mother and was holding his father and brother hostage. The SWAT team did show up at their home and demanded the homeowner to surrender. He got a chance to explain it was an internet prank and he was innocent. Police are using the devices used in the prank (Skype and Twitch) to track down who it was that committed the crime and they will receive federal charges.


83 percent of Utahns want body cameras on police officers, poll shows


September 2, 2014

A recent poll shows that 83 percent of people living in Utah want police officers to wear body cameras anytime they interact with the public. Police officers have already been using these body cameras in public situations for 2 years. 145 officers already are equipped and 114 are soon to be. The cameras are under the cop’s control and are encouraged to be used during every encounter with any person. The video goes directly to the officer’s phone for them to watch instantaneously, but they are not able to save the video for their own use. The videos are later downloaded to ensure the cop’s and the public’s safety.


Dad in hot-car death case indicted on murder, child cruelty charges


September 4, 2014

Georgia man Justin Ross Harris was indicted on Thursday to charges of murder and child-cruelty 2 months after he was accused of leaving his 22 month old son in the hot car causing his death. Harris insists that his son’s death was an accident, but back in July police officers showed surveillance tapes proving Harrison had left his son in the hot car all day only stopping by to check on him once. Police also went through his web history and found evidence of him searching videos of killing people and “How to survive prison.” This evidence shows that the murder of his son was intentional and he will possibly face the death penalty.