Week 6 News Digest

6 Utah stores affected in Jimmy John’s card data breach

Wednesday 24 September


Jimmy Johns (national sandwich franchise) released a list of stores affected by the card data breach, 6 out of the 216 were locations in Utah.  The login credentials were stolen from a point-of-sale vendor used by Jimmy Johns, making it so that the identity thieves could access part of the payment system. According to Jimmy Johns, customers’ names, verification codes, expiration dates, and card numbers may have been accessed in the data breach. On Wednesday the company said their system had been secured, and it was safe for customers to use payment cards again at their restaurants.

New body scanners aim to cut back on jail contraband

Wednesday 24 September


On Wednesday, Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder released two new body scanning machines, called SecurPASS. These machines produce clear X-ray quality pictures and can detect anything hidden on-or inside of-inmates bodies. Every inmate changing into a jail jumpsuit in Salt Lake County Jail will be put through the machine before being released. Jail official estimate several hundred prisoners will be scanned a day, as they are planning on scanning all inmates who are transported in and out of the jail. Winder says “We know that contraband is being introduced into our facility. We tried to secure it every other way we could. But when someone has inserted it into their body, that makes it extremely difficult for us. This solves that problem.”

Police: Undercover officers able to trap man looking for teens for sex

Monday 22 September


Undercover officers set up a fake Facebook profile, and were able to catch a  52-year-old man trying to meet up with a young girl to have sex in a hotel room. The Facebook account was a fake social media profile of a 15-year-old girl. Officers say they got lucky when the man (David Kent Davis) starting talking to them without realizing he was talking to the police. Davis convinced the girl to meet him in a hotel room on a Friday afternoon, where Police were waiting for him. Davis admitted to coming to the hotel to meet up with a 15-year-old girl, and the Police were able to arrest him and charge him with a misdemeanor charge of enticing a minor over the internet.

Child Pornography Case Spurs Debate on Military’s Role in Law Enforcement

Sunday 21 September


A federal agent (Mr. Logan) working undercover signed on to a file-sharing network, sometimes used by child pornography traders. He was able to locate a computer that contained illegal photos and video, and downloaded multiple files as evidence. The owner of the computer was convicted and given an 18-year sentence at a federal prison. The problem with this case though, was that Mr. Logan was supposed to be searching for military service members trading in child pornography, not civilians. This sparked a debate over how much the military’s investigative powers can legally contribute to civilian law enforcement. One judge stated “The extraordinary nature of the surveillance here demonstrates a need to deter future violations.” The argument has been made that the military’s involvement had been minimal and Mr. Logan and colleagues had originally investigated because “we had the opportunity and the equipment”, but the case is still pending.

4chan to Emma Watson: You speak out on gender equality, we release nude photos

Monday 22 September


Emma Watson recently delivered a speech about ending gender inequality, to which a group on 4chan responded by creating a website called “Emma You Are Next.” The website is an alleged count down to a day when a 4chan user will release nude photographs of her. In part of the speech, she addressed the fact that “at 14, I started being sexualized by certain elements of the press”, which made her a target of interest for the “Emma You Are Next” site. Some are claiming the site is a hoax, but recent iCloud hacks make it hard to indicate whether or not it is real.

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